Sunday, September 15, 2013

It's Only the River, It's Only the River

It’s only the river, unless the river is the city in which you live in.  After the 100-year flooding that has engulfed Boulder and surrounding areas, most notably Lyons, there won’t be much to talk about in the cycling and racing world for me.  I’m not even sure yet what my training routes – the canyons west of town that I do most of my riding in – look like or their accessibility for any time in the near future.  Pretty much this entire area has been washed out.  Lyons was completely underwater; emergency messages warning of “walls of water” came in every few hours Wednesday evening; pictures of homes floating off of foundations; piles of rubble, mud, rock, and cars being pushed down these narrow canyons; major roadways destroyed.  It’s been an interesting week to say the least.  

I was planning to end my season with the inaugural Epic 50 race in Winter Park.  That was today.  I was excited for the race, and just about ready to cough up the bucks for it on Tuesday night as I continued to watch the rain batter down for the 2nd consecutive day.  I decided I’d wait one more day to make the call.  That one day proved crucial, as by Wednesday night our basement had accumulated 6” of water and rising, and me and the good folks I live with were busy bailing water, setting up makeshift drainages, attempting to clear pipes and gutters, pump water, etc.  The race I had previously looked forward to was no longer my concern.  Watching this disaster unfold in front of my eyes took front seat.  I’ll have a “season recap” coming soon full of thoughts and thoughtful thinking things of that nature.  That isn’t to say my “season” is over.  I may be done with this saison, but my season will continue.  That’s because there is still so much more riding to do and fun to be had!  What season?  I’ve already gotten word that I may be headed to 25 Hours in Frog Hollow at the start of November as part of a 4-man team.  Night riding in the desert outside of Hurricane, Utah?  How could I say no?  It will be a new one for me, but I’m already getting excited.  When the good folks of 92Fifty Cyclery/Performance Studio/AidStation3 offer you must accept!  More info on this new project to come.  All I can say is that something special is in the works.

Something else special is also in the works, literally.  For this, as to not preempt any un-happening happenings, thwart my luck or jinx myself, I’ll just offer a few pictures.  The first of which is my Niner One9 frameset that is now up for sale. 

Any takers?  I also just reset my White Brother Loop fork from 100mm to 120mm.  BRRrrrappp!!!